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This class has been archived. Information may be outdated.

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Unfortunately, no leader has been selected to take over SpodekNow for the 2019-20 school year. The SpodekNow Team has archived the class, and it will no longer be maintained. It's not too late, though -- all current WHAP students are still invited to apply to take over SpodekNow.

What's SpodekNow?

SpodekNow started as a small website with recordings of Mrs. Sweeney's WHAP review sessions. Throughout the school year, it has evolved into a one-stop-shop for your WHAP review needs. From custom study guides to SpodekNow-operated review sessions to the infamous Geohistogame, we have grown SpodekNow into a tool that makes studying for WHAP much easier.


As a SpodekNow leader, you would be in charge of continuing SpodekNow services and adapting them to meet future needs. The current SpodekNow Team will continue to monitor and provide advice for any changes that you may wish to make. We will also perform all necessary maintenance to keep the SpodekNow website up and running, but you will be responsible for adding any relevant materials or information.


We don't have any real requirements for this position, but we ask that you are a friendly person with good leadership skills, as those qualities will be very important.


If you have any questions/concerns or would like to apply, feel free to text the SpodekNow Team at (410) 870-4788 or email

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